Top 10 of My Favorite Nails Designs

I love, love, love cute nails! It is easy to use your nails as a statement piece in your style and fashion. Here I have gathered ten of the cutest, interesting, nail designs that I have found. These nail designs might not be incredibly easy, but they can be done at home.

1) Studded


These nails are so great. I love studded clothes, shoes, purses; why not nails? But some nail studs and use a makeup sponge to achieve the teal to purple effect. Wonderful!

2) Classy and Sexy


These nails are just simply amazing. I am definitely going to use this design next time I do my nails. The black nails are classy and simple and the red underneath is genius. This is easily my favorite nail design that I’ve ever seen.

3) Classic


If you use the right colors, simply painting your nails solid can be used in a great way. I like to paint solid colors with my ring finger being a different color that goes well.

4) Crosses


I love these nails. The black and gold is a good choice especially with the crosses. I will have to try this design soon.

5) Rosy Hearts


These nails are cute and fun. They give a sweet look and the rose burgundy and gold glitter colors are a good choice.

6) Chevron


I’m slowly getting addicted to chevron and a chevron nail design is perfect. It is simple enough and easy to do with a tutorial.

7) French tips


You can’t go wrong with a classic French tip nail design. This design can be modernized with the right colors and as the picture above shows, can be achieved easily at home.

8) Geometry


I love these nails just because they look hard but really they are simple. They are also adorable and intricate and good for a laid back style.

9) Animal Print


I still love animal print for the everyday style. Leopard, zebra, and giraffe prints are all great and easy designs to apply to your nails.

10) Polka Dot


Polka Dots are a super easy yet pretty design. I like painting one nail an inverted version of the others.

All of these nail designs are great and useful for an everyday girl. If you have any comments or suggestions comment below and share!!! Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 of My Favorite Nails Designs

  1. 73anna says:

    Chevron is my go-to for nail designs, but when I saw the ombre in the first picture, I was like woooah!! I love it! Do you know how to do it?

    • emilyjayc says:

      I love it too! and yes there is a tutorial I found on how to do this ombré effect. You simply paint the colors you want onto a makeup sponge and then press onto your nails. I will post a how-to on the exact steps soon! 🙂

  2. […] without making many mistakes and taking a painfully long time?? Scotch tape. I got the idea here: TOP 10 OF MY FAVORITE NAILS DESIGNS scroll…scroll…it will be #8. I also want to try the ombre one…so […]

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